Mike Roberts Freelance Cameraman & Editor

In the world of corporate video it is important to create a clear and unique message to prospective clients.

The ability to create accessible coherent content is vital.

Mike believes that working closely with clients, understanding their ideas and aspirations and adhering to tight deadlines is a key feature in delivering high quality content for businesses of any size.


Mike Robert's experience includes Tri-Service filming with many RAF squadrons both in the UK and across Europe and working with the Red Arrows at their training facility in Cyprus.

Mike has undertaken many Naval projects including work on HMS Illustrious, HMS Invincible, HMS Marlborough and the refurbishment of HMS Nottingham. On the civil aviation side he has worked at all the major manufacturing facilities for Airbus again in the UK and across Europe.

His footage has been used on many TV stations around the world.

Other work projects include Educational and Land Remediation, Housing Projects, Corporate Events, Stage Shows and Entertainment, Website Videos, Conferences and Events.

Mike is in constant contact with several experienced media associates to enable multi-camera shoots for seminars and conferences.

Working with several professional colleagues allows him to undertake local filming at schools and colleges as well as filming social events, parties and weddings etc.

Current equipment

Sony PMW EX3 HD camera with Fujinon XS8 wide angle HD Broadcast lens

Fujinon A15x8 Broadcast lens

Nikon prime lens

Red Head lighting kit

Senheisser Radio Microphone Kit

Autocue Facilities